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I've never really considered myself a "fashion" photographer by any means, but with the evolving photography business it would be a mistake to turn down almost any job at this point.  So I perused some magazines and checked out some blogs to get an idea of what exactly fashion photography has grown into.  And I'm still not quite sure I understand it anyway.
But don't think for a second that I'm gonna let a lack of understanding stop me!!  Diving right in I had an opportunity to work with one of the best that fashion and styling has to offer... My friend and stylist Kate Powell of Powell Styling (www.powellstyling.com) I shot these around downtown Manhattan on a bright sunny day but using the tall buildings as reflectors and flags was able to get some different and really interesting light.  Using my trusty Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II and single White Lighting 1600w Strobe plugged into a Vagabond battery pack the shoot went off without a problem.  With 6 wardrobe/makeup changes in a matter of 3 hours it was a great shoot and a great team effort to have everything come together and get some great promo pieces for Kate's styling company. 

7" Reflector just off camera center using Daylight to accent the hair

7" reflector with barn doors to create a more focused light

90% daylight with a softbox used to balance out the shadows
White card behind reflecting good ol' fashioned daylight

It was amazing being in downtown Manhattan on a bright sunny day and just working the shadows and mixed light that filtered through the buildings to create all kinds of lighting situations within such a short time period.  You don't need sunset and a beach house to shoot fashion... you just need a little bit of planning and a great stylist.

Big thanks to Kate Powell of Powell Styling, Kristen Quinn our ever patient model, and my assistants for the day Evan and Emily.  Any questions that you guys might have about what I've done and how I did it... email me.  James@JamesDouglasStudio.com

- JD

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