James Douglas Prints... for Sale??

I've been asked by a number of people recently if I have any of my "fine art" available for sale... and it hadn't really occurred to me until I just sold a bunch of them that I could even do such a thing.  I've got some semi-popular images that have sold fairly well to friends of friends and misc others but I never thought there was a market for the majority of my work in this way.  I guess I was wrong...

So I'm officially introducing a way for you all to buy prints from me in the coming weeks.  Will introduce either a "STORE" option on the website/here or maybe we'll just give it a try via emails and paypal at first.  HA!  As far as prices... I have no idea... but depending on size and demand probably somewhere between $19.95 and $8,076,500... sound good??

Below are a couple of my winter shots from my travels that I've sold to people and galleries here in NYC and around the country...  If you've seen a shot of mine in the past that you like but can't seem to find, feel free to email me anytime. James@JamesDouglasStudio.com

- JD

Wolverine Cirque, February 2008
Silver Fork, February 2008
Loveland Colorado, 2008
Solitude Utah, December 2008
Utah, January 2008 (huge!)

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