There are so many reasons I love living in NYC but one major one is because so much is happening all around you that you just have to keep your eye's open to see it. Down here in the financial district has been a recent hot spot for Hollywood film crews(Wall St 2, The Other Guys, The Adjustment Bureau to name a few), photographers, and even the occasional TV commercial. The latter just so happened to occur recently and it was an unusual shoot to say the least. The commercial was for Barclay and the camera system they were using was called Spydercam(same system they used to film the Spiderman movies). And it is exactly what you'd imagine, a camera on wires. I'd like to say that I was cool enough to have them contact me and use my expertise to shoot product photos but it just so happened that the camera system was flying right in front of my studio window. I went down to meet with the owner of the system Tim Drnec and informed him that his system was flying right past a professional photography studio and I'd be happy to shoot the system in action for him. He said sure... and repositioned the camera perfectly for me to shoot out my window and now the photos are being published in Britian's The Location Guide magazine. You never know who or what could be flying past your window in this city.

- JD

Check out behind the scenes here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOzVLXKSjsA

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