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Don't have a whole lot of time to spend on this sort of thing at the moment but I wanted to be sure to get some BTS(Behind The Scenes) out there to help you guys out with some quick questions I've been getting... so I'm going to introduce the "Quickie" a short update about recent shoots I've had, problems I've run into, and techniques I've been using. Keep an eye out for more of these in the near future, especially if you've specifically emailed me a question.

Many of you know that I recently photographed The Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall for Fitness Magazine last week.  With the high profile client there were some special rules I had to contend with and be .   Not being able to plug into their power source without a permit and restrictions set on what kind of lighting I could bring because it is a union house and there are big rules at Union houses... I even had to have a union worker consulted when setting up my single light source... seen below.  But they were more than accommodating, and just needed to run things by the book.

I'm using my "travel kit" here with my White Lightning 1600w strobe attached to their new Vagabond II bat pac.  Modified with a super easy to use large Photoflex soft box atop my Ultralight Lightgear USA stand... all of which will break down to about the size of a backpack and weigh a little more than 10lbs (minus the battery pack of course)  Shot with my trusty Canon Mark II Ds at 1/50th and F/8.

Not a very complicated setup but when used properly... can really create some beautifully dramatic lighting. Just ask Zack Arias legendary music photographer and creator of the One Light Workshop.  Look for the final image in the November issue of Fitness Magazine and be sure to check up on their website for some exclusive video from the shoot. 

Had an amazing time on the shoot and as always feel free to email me your questions and I'll try to get back to you as quick as I can...  James@JamesDouglasStudio.com

- JD

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