Quickie: Workout Session...

Been shooting here and there for Fitness Magazine and recently had a shoot working with them to document a workout session with a personal trainer and Masha Spaic who has been using the personal trainer to get in shape.  It was a fun and pretty simple shoot with just my trusty Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II with my 24-70mm F/2.8, White Lighting 1600 strobe, Vagabond II battery pack.  Little beauty dish for a softer light but nothing too technical here.

You can see the light stand and orange battery pack there on the left side.  Instead of bringing a huge softbox and a bunch of reflectors and modifiers to this shoot I did a little research and checked out the space before I arrived(something you should all be doing).  Turns out they have a huge white ceiling which would reflect my strobe quite nicely.  I got there... thought about using my 7" reflector but it didn't give me the light coverage I was looking for so the beauty dish gave a huge spread and in seconds I had a 20'x80' softbox!!  And because its an editorial shoot they didn't want any intense lighting, the more "natural" look works great for this.    

Lil retouching here and there and you end up with something like this...

There isn't always a need for hyper conceptualized lighting and uuber aggressive styling... sometimes all you might need is a little extra light to capture what is really happening right then and there.  No fake sky, dropped in extras, or completely faked lens flare... just a girl and a workout session.  Every once in a while it's nice to just tone it down a little.  

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- JD

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