The Real Skibum...

Its come to a point in this world where most of us have "seen it all" but there are a select few of us that have been trying to show you something new. Even if its been done, we're trying to view it from a new perspective. I have found a niche in which I have immersed myself into the mountain/canyon lifestyle. What exactly that lifestyle entails I'm not sure yet but I'll definitely let you know when I figure it out. There is a lot of PBR being drank and poker being played to be sure. There is also the neverending search for an open hot tub to poach. So I've been living up here with the hopes of getting a larger perspective and more encompassing view of this life than just the simple "pow shot" or "cliff huck". After a while you start to hear whispers of that guy who camps at the bottom of USA Bowl in an attempt to forgo rent for a season, or the ski patrol who I've only recently discovered living in his van on a local resort parking lot. These are the people I'm interested in and the photos I want to make. Maybe there are shots of Tanner Hall and Jon Olssen that grace the cover of magazines the world over, but I want to photograph the guy who could care less who's on the cover of what so long as the snow continues to fall along the Wasatch. These are my people. So here's to you guys!! The true Skibums of this world, may your snow be deep, your turns be many, and your PBR never run dry.

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  1. Great shots. These should be in Ski Magazine!