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During my days as a photographer I’ve managed to meet people from all walks of life, which seems to be pretty standard for those of us living the photographer lifestyle and is also one of my favorite parts of this job.  One of those people was Ashley Granata of Fashism.  I met Ashley a while back though a mutual connection and we have been friends ever since.  She asked me recently if I could shoot her in a dress she had just received from Ralph Lauren to wear out and make the rounds during the holiday party season.  She needed this fast and it was pretty last minute (AKA can I come over at 6pm).  Obviously this wasn’t going to be any national campaign or a huge fashion ad somewhere on 5th avenue… but rather me helping out a good friend in a pinch.  She’s gonna owe me one, or at least a 12er of beer.  She popped into my downtown studio right on time, looking as fabulous as ever and we started shooting. 

Since these photos were to be used on misc blogs and publications we also thought we’d add a bit of atmosphere and had a quick shoot on the couch.

I love Ashley and the work she's been doing, I think Fashism deserves every bit of the success that they're enjoying right now.  Check out what all the fuss is about over at www.Fashism.com

As far as the gear for this shoot is concerned... ended up using my trusty Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II with the 24-70mm f2.8.  Lighting was achieved through my permanent overhead White Lighting X1600 shot through a Chimera Softbox attached to the ceiling of my studio.  Also I used my 8ft parabolic umbrella with soft white diffuser on it as my main light.  For the seated portrait it was my X1600 again shot through a simple 4ft softbox slightly overhead held in place by a Matthew C-Stand with no other light source.  All in all for a unplanned and impromptu shoot, we nailed it and Ralph Lauren was very pleased none the wiser that it was pulled off in under 20min.

- JD

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